We are Engineers with a passion and expertise in the design and delivery of high quality buildings, structures and public spaces. We care about the impact of our engineering on the community, the environment and the economy. We pursue our work with commitment and conviction.

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Civic engineering spans the professional disciplines of structural, civil and transport engineering in the design of buildings, bridges, streets, townscape & landscape – substructures, superstructures and the infrastructure in-between.

Civic Engineering has its formal roots in the engineering profession that evolved in the 18th century by the pioneering French Engineers who applied science and mathematics to construction. During the 19th century the Institution of Civil Engineers was founded, gaining royal charter in 1828, to “foster and promote the art and science of civil engineering“.

Civic engineering is an art, backed up by science, engaging Place and its People. This is the vision behind our Practice, Civic Engineers. Over recent years, the engineering profession has been evolving into an increasing number of specialisms. This risks narrower-thinking and a loss of the Art and Ingenuity in engineering. At Civic Engineers, we favour interdisciplinary working amongst the profession, but not departmentalisation.

Our Engineers are civil and structural engineering general practitioners, all working on a broad range of project types and scales, from strategic plans through to finely-crafted structures.